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EngineersXel.com – A resource for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

Microsoft’s Office suite lives on almost every PC and laptop used by professional engineers.  We all know that part of the Office suite is Excel, the favourite of financial and statistical analysis people but greatly under used by all but a few engineers.  This is a pity because Excel offers powerful calculation and data processing capabilities, not just adding up budgets and cost reports.  Unfortunately, that requires both a high degree of familiarisation with Excel and possibly programming skills in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  Not skills that a busy professional engineer may have the time or the desire to acquire.

On this web site there are a range of Excel templates and add-ins, collectively called apps, which engineers will find helpful for both technical calculations and information gathering and recording.  The real beauty of the apps which are available is that, aside from the small storage space they occupy on your disc drive, once installed, they are available with only one or two mouse clicks in Excel.

The Excel apps which are available are classified as follows under the headings:

  1. Mechanical Engineering including – 
    • Stress analysis
    • Thermodynamics
    • Dynamics & kinematics
    • Fluid dynamics …and more 
  2. HVAC Building Services including – 
  1. Heat loss/gain in buildings
  2. Flow in pipes
  3. Flow in ducts… and more
  4. Electrical Engineering – 
  1. Electrical test sheets to BS 7671
  2. Phase load balancing
  3. Conductor voltage drop with Ohms law… and more 
  4. Information & Utilities – 
  1. Workbook indexing of worksheets
  2. Directory cataloguing
  3. Project notes recording…and more.

The apps that are available here are designed to make data input forms intuitive with the objective of minimising data input errors and the results to be clearly laid out quickly understood.  

There are several free to use add-ins which are functionally complete and, hopefully, useful tools.  These will let potential users understand the software design philosophy used in producing the Excel apps available on this web site.

Each Excel app comes with a detailed user manual and all are available for a 30-day trial period.  The user manuals set out the basis of the calculations used in the apps so that user can understand the assumptions and limitations of the calculations carried out (all mathematical models have limitations).  

This is Excel as you have never thought it could be for ease of use and the presentation of results for technical engineering calculations and data presentation.

This site is organised by engineering discipline and function of the software.  New apps for Excel are being added so please come back often and see the What’s New page for the latest additions.

If you have a particular set of calculations that you would like to have available as an Excel add-in or template, then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.  Please use the Contact Us form to provide your details and an outline of your requirements.

If you have developed Excel add-ins, templates or workbooks for your own use and think that they might have an appeal to a wider audience, we would be happy to consider them for inclusion on this web site to promote your work.  Please use the Contact Us form to provide your details and an outline of your app’s purpose and functionality.

EngineersXel.com and the Excel apps that are available here are designed and operated by G A Morris & Associates Ltd, a firm of Consulting Engineers with over 40-years of experience in product design and development and building services.  Many of the apps here were originally developed for in-house use and have been used on active design projects.  The consultancy employs engineers qualified to degree level.  The Principal author of the apps is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineering, a Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology and a Member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

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